ChildcareConfessions2I have my exact posters just like these in my office at my centers and I have my staff repeat the confessions with me. 

I can remember when I first realized that your words were the most powerful force in the earth. I was about 10 years old in my first year of middle school and the hottest girl group at the time was out ( can’t remember the group) and everyone wanted these particular shorts that the group was wearing and I wanted them too. During this time I was living in a foster care home and the most you got was the essentials and nothing more so I wasn’t the best dressed girl in middle school. But I remember looking at those images of the shorts and saying that I wanted me a pair. I would speak it almost everyday that I wanted me some and I could literally see me wearing them. Some days it felt as if I had already had a pair.

While in school one day I remember telling everyone that my mom had bought me a pair and about how much I loved them. I said what I felt was right but I thought I was being foolish. Little did I know that I was releasing my words into the atmosphere and it was causing a shift and everything that I wanted had begun to line up and come into fruition for me. After about a week of my private confessions and boasting about it in my circle of middle school girls I can remember going home to find that someone had bought me some!!! As I opened the gift bag and I saw that I had exactly what I saw and spoke I was so happy.


Right then I realized that my words were the most powerful tool that I had and no one could stop what I confessed. I’ve used my faith and the power of confessions for several years and I live a victorious life because of it. I speak these exact words over my childcare business and I see exactly what I say.


During the year of 2013 my business doubled in less than 3 months by using the power of confession. I had my staff recite this same confession with me and my center began busting out of the seams with children. Children were everywhere! I remember a parent rushed into the center and told her child hurry let’s go, there’s a lot of children in here. It felt like a lot but we only got what we confessed. My parking lot could not hold all of the traffic, some days I had to go out and direct traffic during the evening pick up times. By using and saying these exact words that I am offering you to today will cause the same success in your own childcare business. It’s a process that you can use because it works. It will work for you over and over again. There is no need to try and figure out what to say and right, I have it all done for you. You can load your audio for easy listening while traveling and post the written confession in your office or everywhere you are to be faith triggers to get you to use the power of your words to cause increase in your life.

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